Web Application Developer

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Our company was founded on the principle that design and technology work together to create superior user experiences. All great experiences derive from a deep understanding of how people use products.

Our mission continually raises the bar for delivering UX and technology services and advancing the tools needed to create, manage, and support enterprise-wide user experience initiatives.

Employees will be exposed to many clients and technologies as they complete projects. This will give them many opportunities to grow and stretch themselves. We are committed to training and mentoring to help them be successful.

  • We are a SAAS company – Our experienced, multidisciplinary teams are expected to deliver custom solutions and strategies for our clients. We are not an agency or resourcing company.
  • We focus on the complicated stuff – We solve complex problems by developing enterprise portals and tools, transaction infrastructure and interfaces, and e-commerce solutions.
  • We work directly with clients – We do not rely on others to translate requirements and feedback. We hear it now from the source.
  • We develop expertise across industries – Our clients’ industries include financial services, healthcare, higher education, insurance, manufacturing, publishing, real estate, retail infrastructure, technology, travel, and more.
  • What we value – We value team members who are kind, passionate, empathetic, and collaborative. We hire people who continue to learn and are willing to engage with our company to evolve and improve it.

You can check out more about Convincely here

As a Junior Frontend Engineer, you will be an integral part of our team, contributing to developing enterprise portals, tools, transaction infrastructure, interfaces, and e-commerce solutions. You’ll collaborate directly with clients, gain insights from the source, and work on projects across diverse industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, and more.

Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years Experience working with modern Frameworks like React, Vue.js or Svelte
  • Complex programming, program debugging, data analysis, problem analysis and resolution of issues within open-source applications.
  • Expert in JavaScript, especially all the new features in ES12/13/14
  • Experience with third-party integrations with RESTful APIs using OAuth 2.0, API keys, Bearer Tokens and JWT  tokens for authentication.
  • Strong in HTML and CSS/SASS/SCSS, think Grid Layout and CSS logical properties.
  • You know all the intelligent tools that help keep the codebase clean, like Prettier, ESLint, autoprefixer, Vite and Rollup, just to name a few.
  • An advocate of Test Driven Development (TDD) or BDD.
  • Excellent understanding of the JavaScript language, ecosystem and tooling. Experience with packaging tools like Vite, Rollup and tools to manage mono-repos like pnpm and Turborepo.
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills in providing technical direction and hands-on software development, including design, development and testing.


  • Familiar with Web Accessibility (AA Conformance)
  • Experience with AWS or Vercel
  • Experience with source code versioning and Pull Requests with Git and Bitbucket
  • Experience with Salesforce, AEM, Shopify, Sitecore and other Enterprise CMS systems
  • Knowledge of Jest, Karma, Jasmine and Cypress

Work Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Business casual work environment
  • Growth opportunities within our expanding business
  • Attend world-leading conferences
  • The most powerful new Macbooks on the Market
  • Paid Annual and Sick Leaves
  • Stock Options as you grow


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Engineering/ Computer Applications

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